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This Gr5 Titanium round Skid is the great solution for your splitter protection. With a reduced cost compare to the airfoil skid, this product is perfect when looking for balance between quality and cost.

It comes with 1 M6 Hex bolts (20mm or 25mm) and a 1 countersunk washer. The bolt has some blue glue on the tip to reduce the chance of the disc to come unscrewed 


Diameter: 35mm ( ̴1.38 “)

Thickness :8mm 

Note: M6 bolts lengths are 20mm and 25mm including the countersunk head (available threads are:  ̴15mm and    ̴20mm)


Alessandro’s tip:

"I use them in the back or on the very far edge of the splitter. I prefer the airfoil shape skid for the leading edge of the splitter. I suggest 20mm bolts for alumalite 10mm sheet, and 25mm for the ½” plywood"


Round Titanium Skid

SKU: RT-8mm
Excluding Sales Tax
Expected to be shipped by end of April
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